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…and his sincerest yearnings for the world to have been a better place came when he was at his saddest. For in comparison with other tragedies and the sheer number of things wrong with the world, his predicament seemed very trivial and acceptable. He wished that if it was to be inevitable for him, then at least the rest of the world should have been a better, happier place. Otherwise, through its ubiquity and relentless devices, the sadness would become a norm of life, a characteristic instead of an anomaly, something to be silently gulped down and not rebel against; thus depriving his condition with the grace of exclusivity and disallowing to his sadness any hope of hope itself…


25 random things about me…

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It’s about time that I jumped on the bandwagon. Here goes-

1. I love it when I when I wake up before the time I am supposed to wake up.

2. I have a very short attention span, and I quickly drift off into my corny imaginations.

3. Sometimes I doubt my sanity, and other time I fear others are doubting mine too.

4. I had converted to vegetarianism twice in the past, and each time for only a couple of months, and each time I did so because of those animal cruelty videos. Right now I am back on chicken again and I avoid those videos .

5. My intuitions on how people are, based on the first look or meeting, are almost always wrong. Okay, remove the almost.

6. I am not proud of my sense of humour, I am simply narcissistic about it. If you could hear me think you’d hear- “where did that come from? Wow brain! High Five!” and that’s the only reason why I laugh harder at my jokes than anyone else does.

7. time to time- I love to go retro. Old music, old jokes, old habits and old TV shows. Too much whiny about the present and too nostalgic for the past.

8.I wait for the rains to get my bike washed, if there are ants in my room I wait till they finish carrying their food away and just leave on their own, there is no such as walking distance for me- I always need a vehicle.

9. I do a lot of “crying” at movies, and I overdo it sometimes and just carry on for the sake of crying. Don’t know why so. Schindler’s List and Green Mile are the two biggest culprits.

10. I read everything on public toilet walls. I must say that creativity really flows freely when the mind is relieved of “pressure”.. 😀

11. I am extremely shy if I haven’t spoken with you before face to face. Doesn’t matter if we’ve chatted for nights on facebook or Orkut; I still feel shy to talk for the first time.And maybe second and third time too.

12. Can’t fathom the mystery of the need of “night-dress”; chaddis are my only strict dress code while sleeping.

13. Nothing makes me feel more alive than while reading a good book.

14. Only one thing is more irritating and annoying to me than Bad Jokes -and that is people with undeveloped and damaged humouro-lobes who laugh at them.

15. Okay, one more thing may be more annoying even than the above- people who are “offended” easily by Good Jokes.

16. I feel almost guilty for not liking, despite honest efforts, most of the great foreign bands and singers. I won’t name them to avoid “you’ve got to be kidding me” comments, but be sure you’re favourite band will be there. List of songs that I listen to hardly exceeds 50-60 and one more is added every 6 months or so.

17. If I was granted one wish to change humanity, it would be to grant mankind the boon of annual hibernation. Seriously, we need that.

18. I absolutely detest punctuality, academic sincerity and discipline of any form. I consider them highly detrimental to mental health.

19. In love with dolphins, penguins,koala bears and pandas and wish to see them all one day, and hug the panda. Screw the rest of the animal kingdom.

20. I’ve got more than 14 stitches on my face alone, from 3 separate accidents (5+5+4),  long deep scars on my left bicep and chest from another accident, and 4 fractures till now.I get excited beyond normal levels while doing outdoor stuff which maybe due to my overactive imagination, and which would be a very good thing if I wasn’t lousy at it. Like, in 5th I joined gymnastics coz I wanted to do impressive shit, and on my first ambitious try I bounced off the trampoline onto the hard floor; 1 week bed-rest.

21. Dragonball Z, G.I.Joe action figures, Discovery Channel and ‘The Rock’ have defined my entire childhood.

22. Its been a long time since I gave up the goal of being a matured and responsible citizen. Not for me; simply too difficult.

23. 99/100 times I end up giving money to the beggars, and I think you should too. Sure most of them spend it on drinking, but I know for sure that it’s what I’d do too if I was one.

24. I am proud that my old friends, right from 3rd and 4th are still with me,and the ones I met on the way are still with me too. How many of you can boast of having dozens of best friends?

25. I would be making dozens of changes to this list, editing and ordering and all that, coz I really strive hard for maintaining my “image” for the fear that one day you all may realise the truth and send me packing to the asylum 😀