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And I lost a little of me that day…

Posted in Rants that rhyme too / Poems on January 28, 2012 by gauravrants

A silent night, and gentle footsteps,

a friendly road, and warmth of company,

and through the darkness, and across the space,

came the blessed grace, the smile on your face,

and I lost a little of me that day…


A steady breeze, and shaking hands,

all we leave behind, ruffles in the sand,

among aloof trees, both know but no one says,

that on the narrow path, came fleeting touches,

and I lost a little of me that day…


Sounds of the forest, the breathing of trees,

songs of birds, and laughter of the leaves,

A world majestic, and life in all its grandeur,

and all I heard, only your sighs and hums,

and I lost a little of me that day…


But as was meant to, so had come to pass,

our shared path now splits, and we must part,

Stood there unmoved, yet you walked on yours,

my path I abandoned, to follow you to the very shores,

a heart now overwhelmed , but only pain could now outpour,

for you stopped me and went alone, to leave behind

a breathing corpse, its wordless moans.

And I lost what was left of me that day…

Gaurav Somwanshi


An unheard soliloquy…

Posted in Rants that rhyme too / Poems with tags , , , , , on January 24, 2012 by gauravrants

…to find words for this condition,

is to use colours to draw emotions,

hollow and shallow is what it all is,

hidden under the guise of an inebriated youth.


Can hopes be drowned in the smokes and liquids?

Can identity be altered in the euphoria?

Can memories be diluted by the adulteration of the soul?

And can I lose my me and find a new ‘me’?


Inevitable is the rebellion,

but there is choice to choose the enemy,

to rebel against the world and mould it to my will?

or to rebel against myself and mould my own will?


Oh, I’ll sail the seven seas,

and sever the heads of all those dragons,

But can you promise me the damsel?

Who’ll be waiting for me in all her distress?


I’m up in arms and ready to pick all the fights,

to destroy all the wicked and set the world right,

But what shall I stand for?

when there is nothing to stand ‘on’?

What shall I fight for?

When there is nothing left to defend?


—Gaurav Somwanshi


For mom and dad

Posted in Rants that rhyme too / Poems on November 5, 2011 by gauravrants

A memory revisited,

a longing reborn

of a feeling I almost forgot-

I remembered just now, Dad

how every time that you were late,

I’d be at the window,

praying madly that you’d be safe…


And mom, I know you wanted to be mentioned first,

and I agree too, but that’s just how the rhymes fit best,

Dad is only what I would have loved to be like,

Yet my proudest moments are when you claim,

“Not you at all, he’s more like me!”


All I know of this world

of its ways and its whims,

I learnt all from you, Dad,

those long talks that I so now miss.

And when I was stuck alone, realising

my contrast with this world,

and those ‘dilemmas’, the ‘compromise’ and the ‘choice’

It was always you, mom, who made me clear,

the meanings of my own inner voice..


Of all my whines, rants and lamentations,

of this long and terrible separation-

I’m forced to admit that with all that bad,

it comes also with a faint good trace

coz I know now how much I love you

also, I couldn’t have said all this to you face-to-face…



Lost and alone…

Posted in Rants that rhyme too / Poems on October 16, 2011 by gauravrants

Dragged on a journey to an unknown end,

a strange lonely path that knows no rest,

memories echo endlessly through the hollow soul,

can you hear the silent screams, feel the invisible blows?


Vast is the world, infinite its scope,

green fields, a sky familiar and free

they tempted me before,

now do they mock my pain,

on a single track,

caged like a doomed train


I still hear those footsteps,

those murmurs, the gentle hums,

the calm of your company

and warmth of those hugs,

where have they gone now?

when did I leave them behind?

I look around; only void it is that I see,

tell me now,

is this all a nightmare

or was that an end of a dream?


Posted in Rants that rhyme too / Poems on October 16, 2011 by gauravrants

…the moments erode my mind away,

each hour I feel lesser than I was,

slow winds corrode their way through to my core,

decay has become routine, the soul rusting without a pause..

O dear Death, when you shall come for me,

I fear my love, I will have nothing left to give to thee..-

–    Bad-mood-Gaurav

The Nightsky

Posted in Rants that rhyme too / Poems on September 29, 2011 by gauravrants


The rarest of emotions engulf the mind,
and my tiny heartbeat shooks,
when in the darkness of night,
upwards I look,

Like a black sea splattered with silver pearls,
the canvas of sky is painted with stars,
and though the pearls are few and the void too excess,
I see a terrible great beauty in this randomness,

‘Whence forth we spring from?’,
is the query we have from beginning,
But all we have to do is look up,
to see our source and our origin,

I wave my hands towards the stars,
and ponder a question kneeling on my knees-
‘Are there any fellow brethren out there,
alive in their own worlds and waving back to me?’,

I wish there wasn’t any gravity,
to cage me forever downwards,
I wish I could go to where I belong,
and streaming through tranquillity, simply ‘fall upwards’,

The nightsky whispers to me with words of silence,
it shares a secret to liberate and free,
it says I am neither separate nor isolated from the Whole,
I feel I am the Universe, and the Universe is me.


Posted in Rants that rhyme too / Poems on September 29, 2011 by gauravrants

on Monday, 03 August 2009 at 04:50\

Listening songs on a cloudless night,
Sleepless and restless,
my thoughts in a mess;
I think about what is now,
And what might have been;

If I could hold life in my hands,
and mould it to my will;
would I choose to keep it same,
or shatter and redo it all over again?

There are desires that aren’t fulfilled,
and dreams that never came true;
All have begun with pining,
and ended in deep regret and moaning;

Yet I am comforted and composed back,
by little things that I never thought could do that;
The laughs with pals, the beloved tunes, the starry sky,
all remind me that Life is really worth a try;

Life has taught and given many things,
humility, love, and awe to name a few;
It made me love even the things that caused great dismay,
for it keeps telling that every moment is doomed to pass away;

Through victory and defeats, joys and heartaches,
I have learnt to relish every moment & move on,
Even if I get burnt & charred on the way;
like the phoenix,
I must learn to rise from my own ashes again…