Someone bleeds out his emotions on paper and pours down all his agitation in rhyme and we confine it on the shelf of “poetry”, someone gives sound to feelings and creates something to resonate with his own soul and we will make sure it’s bound in “classical” or “heavy metal” and the likes, and the same goes with almost every other art.

The purpose of art as an outlet to human anxiety,as a tool of expression and its potential to inspire others in varied and profound ways is neglected and defining it or ‘quarantining’ it, in eras, classes, styles,genres has become more important.


One Response to “Art”

  1. I have stopped trying to find an answer to the ‘What is art?’ question, (and focussed instead on creating my own) since the day I read a quote by Balzac.

    “What is Art? Nature concentrated.”

    Tolstoy’s essay of the same name is also a good read. So is the views of Stanislavski on it.

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